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David Buchler

David Buchler is Founder Partner of Buchler Phillips, focusing on financial restructuring and advanced solutions for corporate recovery issues. In addition to all of this, the Arthur Andersen firm recognized him as a partner while he eventually became president at R3. Later, Mr. Buchler noticed there was a need for a company that could bring focus to turnaround assignments in the corporate world and founded DB consultants.

David is also a co founder of Merchant Asset Partners, a private equity firm with a focus on turnaround investments. Based in London, the firm invests globally and is open to a variety of investments from both distressed debts and equities.  In February 2011, London Asia Capital appointed David Buchler as their chairman. Doing so allowed him to bring his many years of experience to the table in a turnaround and restructuring of the corporate environment. Prior to that, Kroll Incorporated employed him as their regional head of the European and African markets. In this position, David used his skills to oversee the turnaround market in the UK with great success.

One of the world’s leading financial management firms, Zolfo Cooper LLP, added David Buchler to their roster of partners. Zolfo Cooper provides companies with the restructuring leadership they need. They also provide financial advice to a variety of groups, which in turn leads the company into other roles such as crisis stabilization, post-transaction transformations, and critical debt restructuring projects. The company works closely with their clients during cases of bankruptcy and similar litigation to offer them the strongest legal measures possible.

In June 2011, Volvere PLC elected David Buchler as its Non-Executive Chairman, although he’d also been their Non-Executive Director since 2004. If a particular company requires stable capital growth, Volvere seeks to invest in that company. They may try to acquire a business outright to facilitate that growth.  Additionally, Volere works to absorb companies they feel will benefit from their specialist knowledge. Volere organizes their businesses into three distinct categories including security solutions, food manufacturing, and automotive consultancy. In times past, Volere also invested in online marketing, testing and certification, the planning and engineering of transportation, and safety and risk assessments.

Several companies in the UK have elected David Buchler as either their chairman, vice chair, or director. These organizations include those like Puma VCT VII Plc, who named him their chairman. Other high-profile positions held by David Buchler include both chairman and member of the Board of Advisors for Templewood Partners, LLP. Templewood was initially known as Capidem LPP. They are currently based in London.

The company serves as a legal firm that primarily offers financial advice to those in the field of investment banking. Mergers, strategies, increasing capital, and transaction services are just a few of the things they can offer to prospective clientele. He also works as a treasurer for INSOL International and as a chairman for Langbar International. Meanwhile, David Buchler also writes on opera spy and is also acting as a director the English National Opera. Baltimore capital elected David Buchler their Non-Executive Chairman in July 2004, and CSS Stellar PLC did the same in 2007. He currently serves as the VP of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals.

In other fields, David Buchler managed several restructuring projects in various football clubs which took place in the 90s. He served as Non-Executive Vice-Chair of the Tottenham Hotspur Club during this time, until 2005.


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